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Track 1. Root of All Good Based on the ancient solfeggio scale degree “UT” which is represented by the note G at 396 hz this frequency cleanses the feeling of guilt and fear and collapses those mechanisms which bring about those emotions in the subconscious.
Track 2. Sacral Dreams This composition is based on G# at 417 hz and helps to facilitate change and cleanse traumatic experiences. It’s also known to help clear destructive influences and puts you in touch with a constant stream of inner energy.
Track 3. Solar Flare This tone returns human DNA to its original perfect state. Based on the note C at 528 hz it brings about an increased amount of life energy and clarity of mind as well as inner peace.
Track 4. Heart of Hearts This frequency creates harmony in community and personal relationships. With a D# tuned to 639 hz, this tone helps to bring transformation into a person’s life, mending family relationships and problems between partners and friends.
Track 5. Vox Humana Solving problems and bringing about changes which lead to a simpler, healthier life is the main influence of this tone. F# tuned to 741 hz helps cleanse the cells of different kinds of harmful electromagnetic radiation. It will also help lead you to realize your own power in self expression which leads to a pure and stable life.
Track 6. Third Eye Vision G# tuned to 852 hz is linked to helping a person to see through illusions in life such as hidden agendas, places and things. It also helps lead a person to open up communication with their higher self
Track 7. Crown of Roses This tone, B 967 hz, helps awaken the system to its original perfect state. It helps to re-connect you with your higher self and experience our true nature of oneness.


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